Huge database of unmoderated subreddits…


Build backlinks, promote your business, get traffic from abandoned subreddits with thousands of followers.


Get access to list of subreddits with up to 200’000 subscribers with no active moderation…




How does it work?

Moderators of huge subreddits often loose interest or just stop using reddit. That leaves subreddits unmoderated but often times, the communities are still active! That means that you can easily promote your business without your posts getting deleted.


Free traffic

Generate free traffic by posting your links in unmoderated subreddits and comments.


Easily get high DA backlinks from reddit to boost your SEO efforts and increase google rankings.. 

Take over subreddits

CLAIM unmoderated subreddits and become moderator yourself to easily promote your business..

What’s included?

Main database

This is the biggest database that includes subreddits from 5000 subscribers to 50’000 subscribers.  There are about 1600 subreddits in this database. 

Premium database

Premium database consists of subreddits that are bigger than 50’000 subscribers. There are about 160 subreddits in this database 

No-Mod subreddits

This database consists of subreddits with no moderators which means that you can claim these subreddits much easier in 99% cases. There are about 100 subreddits in this database

Weekly updates

Our database is updated every week to ensure you’re the first one to get fresh unmoderated subreddits. If subreddit becomes active again or you claim it for yourself, it’s automatically removed from our database during next cycle.

Handy guides included

Don’t know much about marketing on reddit? Don’t worry! We’ve made several guides on how to properly market on reddit so you’ll have all the tools necesary to start using our database to it’s full extent.